The World’s Tastiest Dumplings

By FoodieHub on May 11th, 2015

The FoodieHub Global Awards 2015 results are in. Dumplings are like little bites of heaven; delicate delights with a magical core, and this year's nominations are out of this world. And the award goes to...


1. Winner: Shanghai - Sheng Jian Bao - Xiao Yang Sheng Jian



Cousin to the xiaolongbao, Shanghai’s home-grown street snack shenjianbao are thick, bready buns pan-fried to perfection, scalding hot and flowing with juices inside. Perpetual queues but worth the wait. A no-brainer for World's Tastiest Dumpling 2015. 

The category was extremely competitive, with some amazing dumplings missing out on a FoodieHub award. Each one deserves a mention.


2. Krakow - Pierogi Vincent - Pierozki u Vincenta



This is the trademark dish of one of Krakow's greatest pierogi restaurants. It's an envelope of dough bursting with meat and lentils - and they'll fry or boil according to your taste.


3. Manchester - Steamed Tianjin Pork Buns with Wood Fungus and Chinese Celery - Yang Sing Chinese Restaurant


Photo: Yang Sing Restaurant 

Yang Sing is an inexpensive and popular Cantonese restaurant which has earned a reputation as being the best Chinese restaurant in Europe and the best Oriental restaurant in the city. It is well known for its wide range of Dim Sum meals. The staff here are also very friendly, suggesting delicious alternatives to items from the set menu.


4. New York - Chive and Pork Fried Dumplings - Prosperity Dumpling



When it comes to dumplings, it doesn’t get cheaper than Prosperity Dumplings. $1 will get you five fried pork&chive dumplings, served quickly in a styrofoam container from a teeny tiny storefront on the edge of Chinatown and the Lower East Side. If lack of seating turns you off, then you just don’t want those juicy nuggets badly enough; crisp on one side, piping hot, and juicy, you’d be hard pressed to find a more satisfying meal for cheaper. If you’re especially hungry, just double the order; $2 lighter and 10 dumplings heavier, happiness awaits.


5. Saigon - Banh Bao - Quan Ca Can


Photo: SaigonStreetEats

These hefty dumplings with their soft fluffy casings evolved from China's baozi, or pau cakes, so it seems fitting that the best banh bao in Ho Chi Minh City are in District 5, the Chinese district. Quan Ca Can does the traditional Vietnamese banh bao filled with delicious spiced minced pork and quail eggs, and it also does very tasty chicken and vegetarian options. All versions have high quality ingredients, a fact that's reflected in the price -- and the taste, which is head and shoulders above the standard dumpling. The sweetish dough is lighter, fluffier and more heavenly and the fillings more flavourful than the average banh bao.


6. Seattle - Curry Beef Hum Bao - Mee Sum Pastry



Soft and warm, and just barely sweet, the fluffy hum bao made each day in this Pike Place Market stall are Seattle's contribution to the category of food called "bread filled with delicious things. The yeasted dough puffs up, topped with the light sugary crunch to match the sweetness of the almost Japanese-style beef curry inside. The perfect hand-held, snack-sized nibble to clutch while exploring the market.


7. Toronto - Pierogi - The Saint


Photo: Food Junkie Chronicles

Served five to a plate, these pan-fried Pierogis from The Saint on Ossington are perfect as an appetizer. Buttery and plump, the heavenly dumplings are served with cabbage and a creamy herbed sour cream.

Dumplings are just the tip of the iceberg. Have a look at the rest of the awesome categories we celebrated for the FoodieHub Global Awards 2015 here.