The World’s Best Breakfast Restaurant

By FoodieHub on May 11th, 2015

Considered to be the most important meal of the day, breakfast is special. As sweet as slumber can be, stay away from that snooze button; these spots make the trip out of bed completely worthwhile. One is so good that it managed to pick up the 2015 FoodieHub Global Award for World's Best Breakfast Restaurant. Put your hands together for the winner...


1. Winner - Valle de Guadalupe: Machaca (dried beef) and Eggs - La Cocina de Dona Esthela



La Cocina de Doña Esthela prepares hearty Mexican breakfasts that are a great way to fortify your system before a day of wine tasting in the Valle de Guadalupe. Doña Esthela is known for several breakfast favorites such as pan de elote (corn bread muffins) and huevos rancheros (eggs with red salsa) and house-made machaca (dried, shredded beef) with eggs. The beef is spiced with serrano chiles, bell pepper and garlic, mixed with eggs and served alongside flavorful refried beans. Breakfast comes with warm, house-made flour and corn tortillas and a local crumbly farmer's cheese.


2. Baltimore: Cap'n Crunch French Toast - Blue Moon Café


Photo: Blue Moon Cafe

The World Famous Captain Crunch French Toast at the Blue Moon Cafe in Fells Point. Monstrously sweet and delicious Texas toast battered and encrusted with captain crunch cereal covered in fresh fruits and cream. So decadent and moist, that for most syrup would be surplus to requirements. The founder Sarah Simington opened the Blue Moon Café with her mother in Fells point, Baltimore in 1996 and has come close to perfecting the art of breakfast.


3. London: Hawksmoor Breakfast - Hawksmoor Guildhall


Photo: Hawksmoor

Hawksmoor Guildhall enjoys a reputation for the best steaks in London, and now it’s the king of breakfast. Hailed by “GQ” as offering “the best power breakfast in London,” the Hawksmoor serves up a feast for two: smoked bacon chop, short-rib bubble and squeak, meaty grilled bone marrow, fried eggs, juicy sausages made with pork, beef and mutton, savoury black pudding, grilled mushrooms, roasted tomatoes, trotter baked beans, unlimited toast and the house’s trademark gravy. The service is just as fabulous as this groaning spread.


4. Melbourne: Gin and Lime Cured Ocean Trout - Top Paddock



The spacious outdoor area is also alluring on a fresh Melbourne morning.The Gin and lime cured ocean trout with beetroot relish, potato galette, poached eggs, leaves, and goats curd with toast is a sensational dish visually. The cured ocean trout is divine and the potato galette goes superbly with the trout. With pleasant acidity of the relish, this is an exceptional brunch dish.


5. Mumbai: Thalipeeth - Aaswad Upahar



Start your day with a boost of energy and Indian flavors. Thalipeeth is a delicious crispy and spicy multigrain flatbread surrounded with sweet onion flavor. Dip it in the curd with green chili, spread a little butter on top and enjoy it! Who said that you have to choose between tasty and healthy? In this breakfast you can have both. So tasty that it could have you forgetting about meat pretty quickly.


6. New Orleans: Eggs Sardou - Brennan’s


Visitors and residents of New Orleans have been enjoying breakfast at Brennan's since it first opened in 1946. After a period of closure, the restaurant recently reopened following an extensive renovation in keeping with New Orleans architecture that spared no effort or expense. Chef Slade Rushing’s menus are rooted in Creole traditions and are bolstered with contemporary New Orleans influences. One must order breakfast item is Eggs Sardou: crispy artichokes, parmesan creamed spinach and choron sauce.


7. Orange County: Bacon and Eggs - Break of Dawn



There is always a hint of Chef Dee Nguyen's Vietnamese heritage in every dish, and the Bacon and Eggs here is accompanied by Napa slaw and kimchi spiced crema. And don't be too shocked when the bacon is crispy house-cured pork belly and crispy tempura eggs replace the ordinary. You'll be very happy when you leave.


8. Tokyo: Breakfast - Yaesu Hatsufuji



In the basement of Tokyo Station is a large shopping mall. Yaesu Hatsufuji is a popular izakaya (Japanese pub) that also serves traditional Japanese breakfasts starting at 7 a.m. The shop fills up quickly as area office workers come for a healthful breakfast. The breakfast includes rice, miso soup, pickles, seaweed and a main dish of grilled salmon, meat and tofu, or a bowl of natto (fermented soybeans).

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