London isn't all fish & chips. A heartland for some of the best Indian food outside of India, London also has a thriving and growing street food culture, brilliant cross European food and fantastic food from all across Asia. London is also looking to the US, and is obsessed with burgers and BBQ. A brilliant city for a food lover to live in, and to visit.
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Niamh Shields
Bleecker Black @ Bleecker St. Burger  
This is for the true burger-lovers and a glorious example of what works perfectly between two buns. Two medium-rare slabs of tender, rare-breed minced beef surround a block of rich black pudding. The locally sourced patties are dr... MORE
Fried Jam Croissant @ Albion  
This calorie bomb will take your breath away. Words cannot describe the wave after wave of flavors that hit you from the crunchy croissant, the jam, the sugar and what surely must be an entire stick of butter. As you plan your las... MORE
Margherita @ Story Deli  
Delicious thin crispy crust piled with fresh ingredients like pancetta, caramelized onions, cheese, and lettuce make these organic pizzas incredibly tasty. Cubes of mozzarella di bufala and freshly grated Parmigiano-Reggiano are s... MORE
Grilled Cheese Sandwich @ Kappacasein  
Kappacasein is famous for its toasted cheese sandwiches for the last 10 years. Their melty cheesy masterpiece consists of shredded Montgomery Cheddar, diced onions, garlic, and leeks smashed between Poilane sourdough bread. MORE
Sourdough Pizza @ Ruben’s Bakehouse  
The dough is so good because Ruben’s is a bakery first and foremost. The sourdough bread would taste great charred by itself, piping hot out of the oven. The wonderful toppings are therefore a bonus making the ride out to Twickenham worthwhile! MORE
Cod & Chips @ Fish House  
Many thanks to Young and Foodish for leading Chowzter to London's very finest fish & chips shop where the bone dry, crunchy crust gives way to moist, flaky fish that can only be compared to fresh, Maine lobster. Even the chips are quite good... MORE
Boneless Chicken in Numbing and Spicy Sauce @ Sichuan-Folk  
First made in 1906 in Sichuan – China, this traditional, spicy and numbing dish will blow your mind. Using free range boneless chicken and traditional flavours, this perfectly spiced dish will cause an addictive explosion in your mouth! MORE
Raspberry Creme @ Dum Dum Donutterie  
Baked and NOT FRIED, these handmade donuts from heaven are insane! Using croissant dough to add more of a pastry texture and freshly baked every day, they can easily become your new addiction! MORE
Rotisserie Sutton Hoo Chicken @ Le Coq  
LeCoq has sure made its mark in London's food scene serving mouthwatering Rotisserie Sutton Hoo Chicken. These free-range birds have immense depth of flavour and are cooked to succulent perfection by LeCoq on their beautiful rotis... MORE
Bacon Buttie @ St. John  
How can something so simple be so delicious? The highest quality char grilled bacon on big, thick cut white bread that is as wispy as a cloud. That’s how. They offer it with ketchup or brown sauce… doesn’t bother. This is a ... MORE
Singapore Laksa @ Singapore Garden  
Tired of the London ramen invasion? Try North Londons best soup. The spicy tangy broth is the backdrop for plump juicy prawns and chewy squares of tofu. While there try their house special noodles - Fried Kway Tiow. MORE
Cheeseburger @ Burger Bear  
This small gem features crispy bacon and bacon jam on a rugged burger held together by a surprisingly thin bun. The result is a small but powerful burger that competes with the best burgers London has to offer. And surely the bear... MORE
Sausage Roll @ Ginger Pig  
Ginger Pig is a well known and highly respected old school butcher with a couple of shops in London. Their Pies and sausage roll look amazing. What stands out the most from the crowd is their sausage rolls. They are huge and packe... MORE
Truffled Egg Toast @ Spuntino  
The truffled egg toast: a classic, eggs in a basket (bread with a hole cut out, an egg poured into the hole, then fried), with a twist: covered in cheese and drizzled with truffle oil. Once this is in your mouth you wont remember anything else.. MORE
Spit and Roast Fried Chicken @ Spit and Roast  
The famous Spit and Roast food van serves one of the tastiest type of fried chicken pieces and baps. Using free range chicken marinated in butter milk, roasted slowly for a crunchy and juicy result. MORE
Ribs @ Pitt Cue  
Pitt Cue is a 30 seater restaurant opened in the heart of Soho by Tom Adams & his friend Jame Berger, offers their version of American BBQ & London street foods. It is famous for its delightful sticky pork ribs which are served wi... MORE
Minced Lamb on Nan @ Patogh  
Patogh is a restaurant that serves a variety of Iranian dishes such as charred grilled meat, salads and rice, prepared in front of the customers. Here the customers make bee line for their amazing minced lamb kebabs; kebabs made w... MORE
Lamb Chops @ Lahore Kebab House  
Old Lahore Kebab House is a restaurant with Pakistani cuisine. It is famous for its rich, powerfully spiced dals and meat curries, piles of sweet onion bhajia, fiery grilled lamb chops and seekh kebabs, and fresh breads dripping w... MORE
Falafel @ Mr Falafel  
Mr.Falafel is a perfect place to have fresh and healthy falafel sandwich, a traditional Arab food, made of deep fried falafel balls of chickpeas or fava beans topped with pickled vegetables, tahini-sauce and salad served in pita o... MORE
Tandoori Lamb Chops @ Tayyabs  
Tayyabs is the home of the best tandoori lamb chop in Whitechapel. The meat of the lamb chop is sparingly spiced and is cooked for a very short time in the tandoor so it’s nicely charred from the outside and very slightly pink n... MORE
Fish & Chips @ Poppies  
Open since 1945, this retro diner may be all British kitsch, but the fish is sourced daily from Billingsgate market. The freshest cod, haddock, mackerel, sole – even the classic jellied eel -- are offered grilled or fried in a c... MORE
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