Hanoi is foodie heaven and the capital of the national dish Pho which is a global phenomenon now. Bun Cha, however is the less well known but tastier challenger. From there the variety of delicacies is near infinite. Unmissable foodie destination.
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Mark Lowerson
Hanoi Meat Pie @ Bánh Giò  
Bánh giò is a variation on a theme in Vietnamese cuisine, a blend of protein and carbohydrate wrapped in a leaf. The gooey gelatinous exterior is made with a mix of rice flour, tapioca starch and pork stock, no doubt a process i... MORE
Sticky Rice with Chicken @ Phương Béo Xôi Gà  
Glutinous rice from a tiered steaming pot is clumped, not one grain detached. Tender strips of white chicken flesh get arranged over the rice. Flavour comes in the condiments added just before serving. A soy sauce with garlic and ... MORE
Snail Noodle Soup @ Bún Ốc Cô Lan  
These snails come as only one ingredient in a striking bowl of colour and flavour. Fresh vermicelli noodles green bananas (chuối xanh) and crab paste (gạch cua) bulk up the dish. MORE
Tofu and Spring Rolls @ Quý Bún Đậu & Nem  
Bún đậu is arguably the cheapest snack available on Hanoi's streets. Pillows of bean curd go into oil for double frying, the second time to achieve ultra-crispy mouth feel. MORE
Beef Pho @ Tuan Ha Phở Bò  
Two kinds of beef: slow braised pieces of brisket that lusciously break up and thinly sliced rare steak cooked under the pour of the ladle. A clump of fresh rice noodles sits inert beneath these ingredients and a perfect beef brot... MORE
Pho Cuon @ Pho Cuon Vinh Phong  
A relatively new twist on pho, with the noodles being kept in a sheet to roll stir-firied beef and herbs. MORE
Pho Tiu @ Phuong Beo Pho Tiu  
Originating in China, coming to Hanoi via Saigon, a noodle dish which captures the essence of Vietnamese cuisine. MORE
Banh Tom @ Ngo Dong Xuan Banh Tom  
Deep fried fritters consisting of rice flour and sweet potato batter with shrimps stuck on them. Doused in dipping sauce, crunched down with lettuce and herbs. MORE
Pho Bo @ Pho Mau  
Hanoi (if not Vietnam's) most renowned contribution to world cuisine. A noodle soup of beef cooked rare under a robust but fragrant broth. The comfort food of the nation. MORE
Ga Tan @ Doan Quy Ga Tan  
Small chicken and medicinal herbs and spices cooked in a coke or beer can. MORE
Bun Ca @ Van Bun Ca  
Fresh water fish (perch) fried, layered over the top of greens, lots of dill, fresh noodles, ladles of herby, tomato-ey broth. MORE
Bun Cha @ Bun Cha 34  
Hanoi's signature lunch dish - grilled pork soaking in complex fish-sauce based broth, fresh rice vermicelli noodles and herbs. Spring rolls on the side. MORE
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