Dubai is a world famous global city, in the land of UAE, noted for its excellent Arabic food & Emirati cuisine, hosting innumerable eateries, beaming with multi-ethnic cuisines, offering exclusive dining experiences in sophisticated locations.
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Ishita Saha
Flavor of Arabia - Khameer, Chebabs, Muhalla and Balateet @ Bikers Café  
Emirati breakfast platter with a puffed up fluffy Khameer sprinkled with Sesame seeds, two Chebabs or Emirati pancakes, all sitting on a thin, folded Muhalla which is like the South-Indian Dosa – served with Jam, Honey, Dates ... MORE
Naghar Mashwi (Emirati) @ Al Fanar Restaurant  
Delicious, grilled (Mashwi) squids with a more than generous portion size, enough to serve more than three people. Mashwis here are char-grilled, leaving behind the smoky aroma. MORE
Machboos Dajaj @ Al Fanar Restaurant  
Machboos Dajaj - Dajaj or Chicken cooked with Yellow Rice simmered in chicken stock and special Arabic spices and dry lemon. Machboos consists mainly of mutton, chicken, or fish placed over or mixed in a large mass of well-cooked and prepared rice. MORE
Cake Al Tamour (Emirati) @ Al Fanar Restaurant  
The Date cake, deliciously soft and creamy - this got to be a winner, especially when sitting on a bed of caramel and dripping of caramel too and sprinkled with almond slices on top! MORE
Halo Halo (Filipino) @ Chow King Restaurant  
Halo-Halo' means Mix-mix in Tagalog and what goes into the mix? Shaved ice and evaporated milk to which are added various boiled sweet beans, fruits, garbanzos, sugar palm fruit, coconut kernel (macapuno), jackfruit, gulaman, tapi... MORE
Biryani Laham (Emirati) @ Al Fanar Restaurant  
Beryani Laham is not the Asian Biryani. Laham or Mutton is marinated with Bezar, a spice used in Emirati cuisine.Other ingredients include onions, ginger, garlic, fresh coriander, green chilies and yogurt. Served with a mix of Ric... MORE
Chicken and Barley Bake (Mediterranean) @ Mom’s Food Restaurant and Cafe  
This would make you view Barley with a renewed respect. This is whole wheat barley, baked with Chicken, onions and Anis. A delicous and a sumptuous casserole dish. MORE
Chicken Mandy (Yemeni) @ Al Tawasol Restaurant  
This might sound as plain as Rice and Chicken but there's more to this Yemeni Mandy, where the Chicken is traditionally cooked under the ground. The Rice also comes with a spicier Mazbi - the barbequed version. Dig into the Bedoin... MORE
Mutton Biryani (Pakistani) @ Ravi Restaurant  
Dig your fist into a heap full of oil and sniff the spicy aroma, Ravi Biriyani is famous and touristy. Served at a speed matching only a fast-food joint, you could actually place your order while sitting in your car and wait for t... MORE
Leqaimat (Emirati) @ Bikers Café  
These crispy fried golden sugary dough balls are coated with Date syrup and sprinkled with Ssesame seeds - a very, very traditional Emirati dessert. MORE
Strawberry Juice @ Al Mallah Restaurant  
Thick Strawberry juice made from fresh chilled Strawberries will leave you gasping for more, definitely for its taste rather than the effort you'll putting in to sip up the thick juice with a straw! MORE
Fattoush @ Al Mallah Restaurant  
Fattoush is perhaps, the most popular Lebanese Salad. It might just be a Salad but it can compete with any other fancy dish in this region. Sweet, salty and citrusy – it hits all the taste buds in equal proportions and is perfec... MORE
Fetteer @ Al Reef Lebanese Bakery  
The Feteer is the Egyptian layered pastry - with the stuffing/filling coming in the form of Chicken and cheese, sausage and cheese, tomatoes and olives, cream and honey or behold - the simple Kraft Cheese! MORE
Falafel Mahshi @ Sultan Falafel Dubai  
Falafel Mahshi are not regular Falafels. They are stuffedwith chickpeas (like any other falafel) but also lined with Chilli, Onions and Sumac (another very popular spice used in the Middle- Eastern dishes which can substitute lemo... MORE
Eggplant Burger @ XVA Gallery  
This unusual vegetarian Burger can be a serious challenger for all burgers in the world. A thick piece of Feta Cheeseon a bed of regular burger greens is held between (hold your breath) two thick, deep fried breaded piece of egg plants! MORE
MasKouf (Iraqi) @ Al Bait Al Baghdadi Restaurant  
Considered the National dish of Iraq, this grilled Carp is unique. The fish is cut in two identical halves from the belly up while leaving the back intact, opening up the fish. A marinade is generously brushed inside the fish and ... MORE
Seafood Bikol Express (Filipino) @ Golden Fork Restaurant  
Bicol Express is a stew made from long special chilies (siling mahaba in Tagalog, ladapanjang in Malay/Indonesian), coconut milk, shrimp paste or stockfish, onion and garlic. The dish was originally named after the passenger train... MORE
Abood Juice @ Jumeirah Falcon Cafeteria (JFC)  
Chilled Abood juice - this is a thick, creamy juice cum shake made from Mango and Sweet Melon and topped with a scoop of Vanilla Ice cream and crushed ice along with some ice cubes. To die for! MORE
Halloume @ Mom’s Food Restaurant & Café  
The secret of the grilled Halloume (a semi-hard Cheese which is very popular in Cyprus, Greece and the Middle East.) is revealed by uncovering the toppings – the succulent pieces of fried marinated Lamb cubes, and served with ... MORE
Chilli Meat Manakish @ Al Reef Lebanese Bakery  
Manakish is the Middle Eastern version of a Pizza, either eaten as slices or folded. The dough is first rolled out flat, and little dips are created for the topping to lie in, by pressing the dough with fingertips. Though the Za... MORE
Chicken Shawarma @ Automatic Restaurant and Grill  
Shreds of smoky, slightly burnt, tender Shawarma meat goes into the Khaboos bread and is kept succulent with chilled and the most delectable Garlic Sauce, Mayonnaise (if you insist), pickled Cucumbers and French Fries. The latte... MORE
House Burger with Camel Meat @ Local House Coffee Shop & Restaurant  
A quarter pound of Camel Meat burger patty which has been brushed with homemade Tomato Salsa and caramelised Onions is topped with a fried egg. Biting into this burger can be really messy as the yellow yolk belts out of the frie... MORE
Spicy Fried Shrimps (Indian) @ Bu Qtair Fish Restaurant  
A restaurant shack on Jumeirah beach, serving lip smacking fried Shrimps. Marinated in Salt, Turmeric and a *secret* ingredient, these insanely tasty fried Shrimps can be accompanied (to be ordered separately) by a bowl of spicy... MORE
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