Pepe In Grani

Pepe in Grani, situated 50km from Naples, has become a world-renowned pizza destination. Franco Pepe, the mastermind craftsman behind his delicious pizzas, has painstakingly perfected his closely guarded recipe. Combining ancient techniques and ideal flavors, he has created a masterpiece. He researches and studies the ingredients each day, then develops the dough according to the strength of the flour, the humidity and the temperature. The no-fuss Margherita does not over-complicate the process, but focuses on the finest ingredients, expert skills and Franco's passion to make a delicious, thick-crust pizza. With a combination of light dough and local produce, the Margherita at Pepe in Grani celebrates Italy at its best.

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Vicolo S. Giovanni Battista, 3 81013 Caiazzo CE Italy
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Opening times
Sat: 7:00 pm - 12:00 am
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