FoodieHub North America 2015 Awards

Here are the Winners :

Honey & Sea Salt Doughnut @ Pip's Original, Portland
Pepperoni Pizza @ Buddy's, Detroit
Burger @ Holeman and Finch Public House, Atlanta
Ribs Combo @ Pappy's Smokehouse, St Louis
Bolognese @ Paesano’s, Philadelphia
Ricotta Ravioli @ Rino's Place, Boston
Dry-fried Chicken Wings @ San Tung’s Chinese Restaurant, San Francisco
Empanadas @ Empanada Mama, Manhattan
Smoked Pork Gumbo @ Coquette, New Orleans
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Foodiest City - New Orleans

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Here is the Complete Press Release


Chowzter, one of the world’s largest collections of food experts, has announced the tastiest fast feasts in North America at a ceremony in New Orleans, Louisiana.

The awards revealed a list of the best dishes in North America as selected by experts from key cities across the continent including San Francisco, Portland, Montreal and Seattle. A team of hand-picked passionate food guides, writers and experts, named “Chief Chowzters”, were asked to nominate the must-try dishes in their city, considering the quality of ingredients, local relevance, history, and of course, flavour.

The nine dish categories for North America were: pizza, burger, BBQ, pasta, sandwich, Asian, Latin, bakery and regional specialities. There was also an award for the foodiest city which went to New Orleans. The winners, which are listed below, all go forward to the global awards, which will take place in London on Saturday, May 31st.

The winners are as follows: (for further information and video clips please go to

  • Pizza: Pepperoni Pizza @ Buddy’s, Detroit

    At this 79-year old former speakeasy, the Detroit-style pie is covered with brick cheese, which is saltier than mozzarella, and a sweet tomato sauce. Fresh from the oven, the thick, melted cheese corners give off a buttery crunch while thin slices of pepperoni curl and char around the edge.
  • Burger: Burger @ Holeman and Finch Public House, Atlanta

    Southern food revivalist Linton Hopkins is behind this modern gastropub, and the burger is legendary.It tucks double patties of rich brisket and lean chuck into a hand-shaped mini loaf toasted to a buttery sheen. House-made ketchup, pickles soaked in spices, a Kraft American single and kosher salt crown the creation.
  • BBQ: Combo @ Pappy’s Smokehouse, St. Louis

    Memphis-style ribs, the house specialty of this hugely popular barbeque joint, are dry-rubbed and cooked for 14 hours over apple and cherry wood, resulting in a sweet, sugary glaze and tender meat with a rich smoked flavour. Fans can top this meat-lover's feast with any or all of four house-made sauces.
  • Pasta: Ricotta Ravioli @ Rino’s Place, Boston

    This tiny restaurant in East Boston, run by Italian natives, offers enormous ravioli that are part soft cooked and part al dente. They are stuffed with a cloud-like stuffing of seasoned ricotta, served with a simple and tangy tomato sauce and sprinkled with pecorino cheese.  
  • Sandwich: Bolognese @ Paesano's, Philadelphia

    Chef Peter McAndrews is renowned for his “Philly-style sandwiches with Italian inspiration.” In this gem of a sandwich, pasta is layered with provolone and smoked mozzarella, and brushed with sauce rich in chunks of ground beef, bacon, tomato, onion and herbs. Lightly breaded and fried, it is slipped between a sesame seed-encrusted roll and joined by sweet peppers and a perfectly fried egg.
  • Asian: Dry-Fried Chicken Wings @ San Tung’s Chinese Restaurant, San Francisco

    Served wet or dry at this mother-and-son restaurant, these wings are an extraordinary combination of sweet, salty, spicy and tangy flavours. Sautéed in soy, ginger, honey and chilli paste, green onions and peppers, the skin is transformed into a crispy shell coated in an intoxicatingly sticky lacquer, and the meat is succulent inside.
  • Latin: Empanadas @ Empanada Mama, Manhattan

    One of Manhattan’s most beloved late-night snacks, piping hot empanadas are available at this hole-in-the-wall in more than 40 innovative varieties. Aficionadas top them with the house-made red and green sauce. Dessert lovers enjoy pockets oozing with rich Belgian milk chocolate with bananas, or go wild with unique fillings such as figs with caramel and cheese or sweet plantains with mozzarella cheese.
  • Bakery: Mini Doughnuts @ Pip’s Original Doughnuts, Portland

    The mini, made-to-order doughnuts at this Portland newcomer are served straight from the fryer and have the perfect ratio of golden brown exterior to soft cake inside. A drizzling of raw honey and Himalayan sea salt makes them even more more-ish.
  • Regional speciality: Smoked Pork Gumbo @ Coquette, New Orleans

    Famous from London to Lima, this riff on the classic southern Louisiana stew is awash in tender mustard greens and salty bacon goodness, topped with strips of crispy pig ear and a poached egg
  • Foodiest city: New Orleans

    Home of the Muffaletta, the Po’ Boy, and melting pot extraordinaire, the ‘Big Easy’ is renowned as a foodie destination the world over.

Having firmly made its mark on the global food scene with its annual award ceremony, is now the go-to guide for travellers in search of the best, hidden, unmissable dishes in the world. The online guide unearths the tastiest “fast feasts” in every key city as selected by the world’s most knowledgeable food experts. Fast feasts are defined by Chowzter as being locally sourced, freshly prepared dishes, served hot on the spot and enjoyed immediately.

Notes to editors:

The Chowzter calendar

The North American event constitutes one of the regional awards in the Chowzter calendar. Following these,, Chowzter’s year culminates with the annual awards ceremony: The World’s Tastiest Fast Feasts, when a list of the best dishes in the world is revealed in London, as selected by the Chief Chowzters. The awards bring together an exciting mixture of global food experts, chefs, writers and dedicated foodies all rubbing shoulders to discuss, disseminate and most of all celebrate the best food currently being made on earth.

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