Celebrating Essential Eats in 275 cities around the world as chosen by local food experts.

  • slide 10

    Mark Wiens

    Expert for Bangkok

  • slide 86

    Tuba Satana

    Expert for Istanbul

  • slide 122

    Anton Diaz

    Expert for Manila

  • slide 156

    Scott Koenig

    Expert for Rosarito Beach

  • slide 30

    Allie Lazar

    Expert for Buenos Aires

  • slide 20

    Anthony Rahayel

    Expert for Beirut

  • slide 20

    Nicholas Gilman

    Expert for Mexico City

  • slide 6

    Greg De Villiers

    Expert for Arequipa

  • slide 23

    Andy Muro

    Expert for Birmingham

  • slide 23

    Karen Attman

    Expert for Bogota

  • slide 42

    Maria Luisa Ríos

    Expert for Caracas

  • slide 42

    Peter Corredor

    Expert for Cartagena

  • slide 76

    Juliana Loh

    Expert for Macau

  • slide 92

    Nicholas Gill

    Expert for Lima

  • slide 93

    Célia Pedroso

    Expert for Lisbon

  • slide 123

    Anaïs and Pedro

    Expert for Marseille

  • slide 134

    Nicholas Gilman

    Expert for Mexico City

  • slide 136

    Sauce Milan

    Expert for Milan

  • slide 139

    Jennifer Eremeeva

    Expert for Moscow

  • slide 139

    Erica Tannen

    Expert for New Haven

  • slide 143

    Hazel Cuadra

    Expert for Nicaragua

  • slide 146

    Ricky Ly

    Expert for Orlando

  • slide 148

    Mathilde Dewilde

    Expert for Paris

  • slide 154

    Zuzi and Jan

    Expert for Prague

  • slide 154

    Joe DiStefano

    Expert for Queens

  • slide 155

    Tom Le Mesurier

    Expert for Rio

  • slide 161

    Jennifer L

    Expert for San Diego

  • slide 172

    Paulina Salach

    Expert for San Juan

  • slide 172

    Gabriella Ranelli de Aguirre

    Expert for San Sebastian

  • slide 172

    Jenny Gao

    Expert for Shanghai

  • slide 183

    Cathrin M

    Expert for Stuttgart

  • slide 184

    Daniel Rozenblum

    Expert for Tel Aviv

  • slide 186

    Yukari Sakamoto

    Expert for Tokyo

  • slide 186

    Heather Clinton

    Expert for Wellington

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